The Origins and Mission of Catch24

Catch24 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that creates community and camaraderie through sorts to honor U.S. military veterans.

C24 was founded in Spring 2014 by Danielle Weibel and her husband Alan Weibel as a way to give back to veterans by combining their love for art and baseball. 

A 2013 Veterans Affairs study reported 44% of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan had difficulties adjusting to everyday activities. Veterans are our neighbors, friends and family members that risk their lives for our country. Danielle and Alan felt strongly about doing something to give back to veterans, especially since the Weibels have over 20 combined family members who are veterans.

One-in-five returning veterans suffer from PTSD. USAF veteran Julia Branch, a close family friend, works as a therapist to those veterans who suffer from mental illnesses. Now a Catch24 board member, Julia is outspoken in her concerns over the availability of mental health support for U.S. military personnel after returning from deployments. 

With Danielle's management background, Alan's creative direction and Julia's involvement with the veteran community, they started Catch24. Danielle manages the day-to-day operations while Alan identifies and works with local artists to create baseball related designs for the goods C24 sells to raise funding. Julia helps us identify veteran groups that could use a day at the ballpark. is the donation hub for this nonprofit. Donated funds go towards thanking U.S. military veterans for their service through sports. We provide experiences like treating veterans to a memorable outing at a Major League Baseball game including transportation, food, tickets to a game and on-field passes.

Danielle and Alan have been lifelong fans of the San Francisco Giants and the Giants are forever part of their lives. C24 is currently raising money to take local Bay Area veterans to San Francisco Giants games, however, their plan is to expand to all 32 Major League Baseball teams and provide for veterans across the United States.

The name Catch24 is a play on words. Being SF Giants fans, Danielle and Alan wanted to pay homage to the greatest baseball player of all time, and U.S. military veteran, Willie Mays. The first meaning of C24 combines Mays' amazing play in the 1954 World Series, The Catch, and his number, 24. The second meaning has to do with the Catch 22 scenario of U.S. military veterans going to bat for the United States, but the United States not going to bat for veterans when they return from duty.

Hopefully Catch24 can raise awareness about the treatment of U.S. military veterans and be able to provide an unforgettable experiences for veterans to thank them for their service.